Friday, September 19, 2008

Karalee's TuTu

Karalee was invited to a fancy tea party and I wanted her to get all dolled up, so I decided to make her this TuTu. She didn't know I was going to and when she saw it she was so surprised and absolutely loved it. It turned out extremely cute and it only took me 45 minutes to make with no sewing involved. I plan on making another one for her cat Halloween costume. Isn't she beautiful.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Welcome 'De' Wyze Family

Well, this is my very first time blogging, so I will just start off letting everyone about us. First the head of our household is Robert he is a Biology teacher at the high school that he graduated from. He loves his job very much. He also loves demolition derby's- it is his obsession. Then there's me, Kirsten, who is a stay at home mom and has really enjoyed every minute of it. I should say though that the monotony of cleaning the house gets to me after a while. Then there is our first child, our Princess Karalee. She is 5 years old and is in kindergarten. She loves going to school and has really bonded with her teacher. She loves puzzles, dancing, riding her bike (she is trying no training wheels right now) and reading books. She is a smart little one and wants to really learn how to read so she can do it on her own. Next is our very head strong middle child, Leon. He is 3 years old and gets to stay at home and do preschool stuff with mom. He is following in his dads footsteps and loves demolition derby's and probably is more obsessed with them right now then Robert is. He loves his Hotwheel cars and plays derby with them all the time. He also loves riding his trike and would you guess he plays derby on that as well. He also loves his little brother a little too much that he hugs him all the time, but I am happy he loves him though. Then there is our baby boy, Kanon. He is almost 3 months and weighs almost 15 pounds. He has been a great baby and is very happy almost all of the time. He is definitely a mellow child, but I guess you would have to be when you have two older siblings. The one thing that he really loves is bath time and also smiling at everyone. All of us live in the town that Robert was raised in Delta Utah. We all love it here very much and hope to never have to leave.