Monday, November 17, 2008

Dry Heaving

So Sunday after church Robert and I were preparing our Sunday dinner bbq when he decided he wanted to catch 1 of the 5 kittens we have on our enclosed porch. Now the cat that he wanted to catch is quite scared and mean. The mother cat, which is our neighbors, is so mean that she hisses at us all of the time and even at our big german shepherd- we don't like her very much. Anyhow while I was in the kitchen I can see Robert out there trying to catch this little thing and I was just cracking up. Well, he ends up putting on a pair of gloves and catches the kitten. Oh how this kitten was sooooooo mad at him. Just imagine a kitten with it's claws out, ears down and looking extremely p o'ed. This kitten ended up clawing Robert's hand through the gloves and when he was letting it go it pooped all over Robert. Now for those who know my husband he is a biology teacher, but cannot handle poop of any sorts. So he was out there dry heaving about ready to throw up. And what was I doing?? Cracking up and realizing that I have such a stronger stomach than he does. It was too funny and all in all between his dry heaving he was laughing too.

Now this picture is not the mean kitty. I couldn't get a picture of her/him, but was able to get a picture of the really nice one.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Who says 30 is old??

So with my 30th birthday coming tomorrow I have already started to reflect on my life and it's accomplishments. I remember being in high school and thinking that some of my teachers were old because they were thirty. Well, I'll be thirty and I still feel like I just graduated not too long ago. Besides the few minor aches and pains of being a mother and getting older I still feel well how do I explain, like me. Does that make any sense I ask? I think so. Even though I am a mother of three and I am on the go constantly, I feel if I didn't have my children and my great husband I would be lost. Kind of like my life would be pointless. One things for sure Robert and I would be bored. Robert and I have been married for 10 years and that has gone by so quickly it makes me wonder if the next 10 will go by even faster, since it seems like the older you get time flies by faster. Let's think Karalee will be 15 1/2 (almost time for driving and dating ahhhhh!!), Leon will be 13 1/2 (boys and puberty I don't know) and Kanon will be almost 10 1/2 (following not too far from Leon). Wow, teenagers I don't know about that.

Alright, so I will think about what Pres. Monson said and live in the moment. I want to strive and enjoy and be like my children, where they just love being kids and don't have a care in the world. Do things with them that they will really remember like reading with them, outings that don't have to cost an arm and a leg, drop doing housework when they want to play a game or want to cuddle. Just simple things like that will help me feel like I have made a difference and have helped accomplish a lot in their beautiful lives.

I am a mother, homemaker, teacher, nurturer, secretary, accountant, seamstress, launderer, well you get the point this list could go on and on when you are a mother and wife.

Well, I will be embracing my 30's because my 20's were full of changes,learning experiences and wonderful things and I believe my 30's will be bringing me more.
My heart is so full and I truly feel blessed to have the life that I have. I love you all that have helped me throughout my 30 years and that have filled my heart with such love and gratitude.

Happy 30th Birthday, Kirsten!!!!

Thanks, Mom and Dad for the beautiful flowers!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tagged: I am the luckiest woman alive

Thanks Melissa T. for tagging me because it has really made me focus and think of all the great wonderful things my husband has done for me, therefore making me the luckiest woman alive.

I am the luckiest woman alive:
Reason #1: My husband is very hard working he is the type that needs to be doing something productive and if it is not it is a waste of time. He is very determined at striving to be the best and he encourages me to do the same.

Reason #2: When I was in the hospital after having all of our children c-section he attends to the baby in the nursery, taking pictures and being there for them when I am getting put back together. That has always been a comfort to me because unlike a normal delivery I cannot bond and hold them right away.

Reason #3: Even though he may not express his feelings much it's always the moments I catch his expression on his face when he is looking at me or the kids that truly shows me how much he loves and cares for us. His faces brightens and he does get a twinkle in his eyes. I love that and I love him forever.

I believe that if you are truly strive to have a happy marriage and are truly happy you are the luckiest woman alive because not everyone gets the opportunity to love.

I tag Karen P. , Sera and Melissa S.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I don't know about everyone else, but I am so happy that November 4th has come and gone. I am happy to say that I am looking forward to some definate changes in our country. I also believe President Obama has and will set a new tone and inspiration to our country as well. He is a great speaker and as I told Robert last night I believe he is a very determined man to want to start making things better for all the US citizens. For all of you that are worried about him being President, don't be I believe he knows he has a lot to live up to as the first African American President and from the large amount of people he knew voted for him and supported him as well. Please look forward to seeing our country change in a positive way. It is a very historical moment and one that we will be able to talk to our children and grandchildren about.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Cute Kids and Halloween

Karalee's Kindergarten Halloween Party

I was so excited that I got to help with Karalee's Halloween party. They got to have a treasure hunt, dance and play a ghost game. It was a success and the kids all seemed to enjoy themselves. They also had root beer on dry ice and apple slices with caramel. Thanks Karen (or should I say Minnie) for letting me help out I had a lot of fun. (Picture with Karalee's friends Olivia and Miranda.)