Monday, December 15, 2008

What, a Stroke at 30???

Alright, so it wasn't a stroke thank goodness. Here's my story. I woke up Tuesday December 9th all pepped up to get Karalee ready for school and then get to my exercise class at 9:30. I felt great knowing that I was going to be burning some major calories with this awesome workout. During my workout I kept drinking water and taking little breaks as I saw that I needed, no problem right? Well, I got home nursed Kanon and put him down for a nap. Then I had a shower and after that, that is when I started feeling quite cruddy. Tired, actually exhausted I had an instant headache and decided I needed more to eat besides what I had for breakfast, went in the kitchen and just started to feel very confused, dazed and couldn't get anything to eat besides pretzels. I then went back in the family room where Leon noticed that I had pretzels and then wanted some himself. I started to feel like I couldn't function. I then tried to explain to Leon to get a little chair and take it into the kitchen and get some pretzels off the counter, except I was thinking that and I couldn't speak it. I then started to feel very frustrated and scared. I started to cry and Leon came in and asked why I was crying. What I believe came out was "there's something wrong." My first instinct was to call my friend Karen P. I saw her number on my speed dial and called it and this is what I found out I actually said to her "Karen......grumble, grumble......something's wrong" She said "Kirsten, Kirsten are you okay, I'll be right over." And that she did. She came in and I tried to talk to her, but only somethings came out. She then tried to call the doctors office (no answer), call her sister at the hospital (no answer) and then her husband the cop and he told her to take me to the hospital. She called our neighbor Myrt and told her that Kirsten is experiencing some stroke like symptoms and I needed to be taken to the hospital and asked if she could take Leon and her little girl. We went to the hospital and Robert showed up shortly after I did. They layed me down and then I started to feel numb on my right side. They tried to ask me questions and only some words would come out. I was so scared and confused, I thought I was having a stroke and thought I would not fully recover from it. I thought what would I do, my family do? The numbness the moved to my left side, head to toe. Well, since Delta's Catscan machine was broken they had to rush me up to Utah Valley Regional Hospital in an ambulance. Robert, followed not to far behind. With feeling confused and in pain in the ambulance and between throwing up all I could think of was about my family and how hard this would be for them if I didn't recover. Especially, for Kanon whom I was still nursing and knew that he would struggle taking a bottle. So when I got to the hospital they had 2 neurologists there waiting for me and a nurse over the Stroke Unit. They asked me all these questions and at that time I couldn't give the proper month that Kanon was born, my birthdate and they asked me to say 55 and I couldn't. I was so frustrated again, but I could also tell that I was getting a little better. They decided that I needed to have a catscan, MRI and an echocardiogram to be diagnosed with a stroke. The other possibility would be that it was a Complicated Migraine. My symptoms were so extreme at that time, so they were leaning more towards a Stroke. The numbness went away late that night. After staying overnight and getting the results back from the Catscan and the MRI the neurologists concluded that it was a Complicated Migraine. Both my neurologist told me that they wouldn't have recognized me if it wasn't for my name on my chart because when I came into the hospital the pain and distress that my body was in made me look like an entirely different person. My heart has no holes and my brain was okay. I was so thankful and felt so blessed that I was going to be alright. No medications and the doctors told me that I would probably feel fatigued for about a week. Right now I still have a dull headache that comes and goes throughout the day and I also can tell that it had some affects to my thought process because I could not come up with the word female grandchild-- granddaughter for about 3 days. I know that I will be making a full recovery and that I need to watch for the signs and take care of my headached asap. I now know after experiencing migraines as a child that they could get worse that just have halucinations and being sensitive to light.
I would like to thank Karen for quick active knowledge in my situation and I was blessed to have called her that day. Also to my mother in law for being there for our children especially for Kanon who struggled to take the bottle. For my wonderful husband that was there by my side with his love and support. For all the members in my ward and my parents ward for their prayers and help. Also to all the friends and family that prayed for my recovery. I love you all and thanks for everything. Thanks to my mom and dad for coming and taking care of my family and home while I rested.
My children survived and 24 hours after my Catscan I was able to nurse Kanon. He was so happy. This has made me realize how much I love my children and also that I don't want to take anything for granted. I want to live my life to the fullest. Thank you Heavenly Father for the life you have given me.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

My goodness, how long has it been since I last posted a blog??? Ever since we got home from Las Vegas a week ago we have been trying to get back into our routine. I am sure all of you know how that goes, especially having children and getting them readjusted to their lives. Kanon did so great though. He slept really well in Vegas and when he came home he got back into his schedule. I believe all of my children have been able to adjust to change really well. Karalee did need the extra long Thanksgiving break though from school. I wouldn't say that school stresses her out, but maybe that she needed some time to catch up on some sleep and to be able to have some days that weren't quite structured. She loves school though and has been so happy in the mornings and tired in the afternoons. Leon still loves his little bro and also loves our new Wii game Mario Cart. I try hard not to let him think he can play that all day, but if I do let him play longer than he should he tends to be really cranky. I don't blame him though because if I play to long I get cranky too.
When I get a good chance I will add some pictures and commentary on our Thanksgiving vacation. And also some pictures of our new LED Light Christmas tree (my first fake tree the only thing I purchased in Vegas on black Friday) and decorations.
Those of you who read my blog could you please leave your address so I can get Christmas cards out when I get them ready. Thanks.