Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Robert and Karalee's Birthday

Robert is 33 (3+3)= 6 and that is how old Karalee is!! Cool huh!

Now since Robert and Karalee do share the same birthday and Robert is not to fond of celebrating his it has ususally become the day that we celebrate Karalee's Birthday. We all love Robert and he actually wished for a chocolate cake, I told him that the Barbie's head has chocolate frosting so he could eat that. Hey, at least he got to pick the flavor of the ice cream- chocolate.

It was a fun day. Karalee got to invite 2 friends over to play all day and have a tea party for lunch. I was ready for a more relaxed birthday then she has had in the past.

Our Recent Trial

As many of you know our School District in Delta is undergoing a lot of changes from cutting their budget to a decline in enrollment. Well, Robert's mom got a chance to take a severance package that the district was offering for teachers that were close to retiring. We were all very happy to know that she could retire a year earlier and take this package-- Happy Retirement Bev!! The district had 21 people retire. Which gave everyone the impression that they would not have to lay anyone off. Just recently they decided to combine the two elementary schools into one. Everything seems to just be a mess. Here it comes---- Robert found out on April 21st that he will not be rehired for the 2009-2010 school year. He called me after he got out of the Principal's office and at first I thought he was kidding, but he wasn't. I began to just sob and sob. I literally was falling apart. I had so many emotions run through out my body. Well all in all even though last week was the pits (understatement) we are doing quite well. We have our hopes up and trying to be patient in all that we do. We are waiting to see what doors open up and also what our Heavenly Father wants us to do. We are for sure blessed because through the district you can opt to be paid for the 9 months that you work or spread it out into 12-- we opted for the 12. We will be alright until the end of August. We feel that if we give it time the right opprtunities may arise and we will overcome this trial if we stand together as a family. Thanks to all of those who have had us in their prayers and all those who have helped and that will helps us find Robert a new career. We love you and we will keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ward Easter Party

This was a lot of fun since I hadn't been rollerskating since Junior High. We all had a lot of fun and my kids got to try something new.

Easter Eggs and All Smiles

My kids had a ton of fun coloring Easter eggs and they really got into the spirit.

The last picture is of our very cool spider web Easter egg after we took the shell off. Leon thought this was so cool since he is really into Spiderman.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kanon 9 months old

I took Kanon to his doctors appointment and he weighs 21.2 lbs and is 28 1/4 inches long. He was doing really well until Dr. Shamo came in and he started to get really upset. He started grabbing and clinging onto me. Dr. Shamo said that is what he likes to see at this age and it's called stranger anxiety. It occurs mostly when they see another male because the only other males they are used to are their fathers and grandpa's. Dr. Shamo said he was the picture of perfect health and that he looks like he is doing well.

He is so cute and his personality is expanding, we all really enjoy him and his happiness.

This picture is what Karalee calls his Chinese Hat (they are just small cones you use in soccer).

Mud Fight

On Saturday March 27th it was such a beautiful Spring Day. Well, Karalee and Leon wanted to bring in the Spring with a fun and exciting mud fight. They had a blast and it was so great for their skin.

Activity Day at the Spa

If most of you didn't know I am the Activity Day Leader for the 8-9 year olds in our ward. I have truly loved this calling and all the girls have such sweet spirits.
On this particular Activity Day we had a lesson on "Our Bodies are Temples". I really wanted to get their attention and this is how I did it.
First, I had baked this cake and decorated it pretty. Then I asked the girls if they would like a piece and they said yes. So I took my hand and dug out a piece of this cake and slopped it down on a plate. The girls faces were priceless and then they decided they didn't want it. This was to show that the gospel is more attractive depending on how it is served. Then I sliced a nice piece of cake to show the contrast and let the girls have a piece of cake asking how they would like it served. I told them that it matters how we dress, what we do, what we say, and how honest we are because we are serving up the church at all times, even when we don't think we are. I believe this was very affective and they seemed to enjoy it.
I had a couple of moms come and help with that day. The girls had foot baths, facials, mani's and pedi's. I then gave them Beauty Bags with some fun stuff for them to take home and use.
I had a ton of fun planning it and it turned out to be a great Activity Day that I believe the girls will remember.

Parent Teacher Conference

I was so proud of Karalee at Parent Teacher Conference. She got all Honors and seems to be really loved by her teacher, Mrs. Schena. Her teacher told me that she is one of the most well behaved kids in the class. Apparently she likes to remind her teacher of everything; for example if it was someone's birthday and the parent brought a treat for the class and there was a kid not there to eat their treat they would save it for them and then the next day Karalee would ask if Mrs. Schena gave so and so their treat. She also likes to help the teacher get her supplies out for the lesson or activity that they will be doing. I am so glad to hear that she is so thoughtful of others and that she is doing so great.