Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kanon's 1st Birthday

We got the chance to finally celebrate one of our kid's birthdays with my side of the family this year. Kanon's 1st Birthday. We had family and friends over to my parents house to swim, have cake and ice cream and open presents. It turned out quite nice. Everyone, even Kanon, enjoyed his Winnie the Pooh cake that I made for him. Thanks to all of those that made it. We love and appreciate you all.

Leon's Birthday

Leon turned 4 on May 20th. You would never have guessed that he wanted a Spiderman cake. Well, I was hoping that I could make a Spiderman cake at least to his standards that he would be happy. I believe that it turned out rather well. He had a great day and had his Papa Jim, Grandma Bev, Papa Kevin and Grandma Dianne over to celebrate it with him. He was so excited about his cake and thought it was pretty cool.